Which has killed more people: communism or capitalism?

Aside from the fact that no one was let in peace so they could implement communism and all the countries which tried to go for communism were forced to stay in a State Capitalist + Social Welfare format, keep militarizing and stay in a state of pending war to defend themselves, one could easily say that capitalism did kill more, and is still killing countless millions of people all around the world – even we take the countries/systems you are mistakenly calling communist, as communists.

I’ll illustrate with a very blunt example:

People who died due to famine in Holodomor are counted as ‘killed by communism’, despite Western countries’ trade blockade against USSR which prevented them from exporting anything but their grain to be able to buy industrial machinery . Stalin administration took a gamble and bet on next harvest being good to export their grain to buy machines via grain exports, because west was preventing them even using their gold to buy machinery. Harvest didn’t turn out well, a lot of people died due to famine. Even as government did everything to rectify the famine by implementing rationing across entire country to help the regions with famine.

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This is considered “communists’ fault”.

Around the same time, countless millions were dying in US due to famine, malnutrition, lack of access to healthcare, shelter, security because of abject poverty brought by Great Depression, and the US government was refusing doing anything about it based on ideological grounds of ‘Not intervening in the market’. People were dying on the road to California, in roadside camps, hobo camps, in their houses due to sickness brought by malnutrition, diseases, entire nation was begging, ‘Brother can you spare a dime’, but the government was ideologically refusingto do anything about it, even as a minority of people made incredible fortunes.

This is not considered capitalism’s fault.

See the difference?

The latter is sold as ‘way of life’, ‘the way things are’. You don’t talk about it, you don’t mention it, you don’t try to estimate it, these are just ‘happenings’.

However, whatever happens in the opposing ideology is their fault.

Hence when you go about doing that, you end up with an insanely false and skewed picture.


Reality is very horrible.

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two — Sott.net

The above piece, though well researched, is very conservative.

Even as we speak, Papuans are being killed, dispossessed, repressed for benefit of multinational mega corporations in Papua conflict. Some rights organizations put the last 2-3 years’ tally to ~150,000. Have you heard about that? Not at all.

Each of the puppet dictators backed by the West in past ~60 years, have tens to hundreds of thousands of directly killed people in their name at the minimum. South America, Africa. Even the first dictator of South Korea (yes, the free one) had ‘fixed’ 3 million people. Killed, just outright. Have you heard about that? No…

The headcount tally of African warlords which multinational corporations or their governments backed, the ‘vanished’ people in South America under western and corporate backed dictatorships themselves would come up to a shocking count, leave aside those who died due to bad conditions similar to Great Depression in US – except these conditions under such capitalist dictatorships were a constant.

The list, deeds and characters of some of African dictators backed by capitalism (aka west, in this context) are so crazy that it defies description – there were even cannibals among them.

Friendly dictators

None of the people killed by these is considered to have been killed by capitalism.


Right at this moment, people with jobs in US are dying because they are not able to get Healthcare due to privatized healthcare system and the massive expenses it brings.

Barbara Ehrenreich: America’s Blue-Collar White People Are Dying at an Astounding Rate

What happens, do you think , when someone who is in need of medical care is denied medical care because he doesn’t have insurance or ‘enough’ insurance?

Demetrios Stagnaro’s answer to Were there any American citizens living on US soil who died because they couldn’t afford healthcare?

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In US, hospitals are obliged to take care of you if you are in a state of emergency. If you don’t need emergency care, they can deny medical treatment. And this is how things are handled – those without insurance are denied life saving medical care until their situation develops into an emergency. And in most cases of emergency, there is little to do for the patient but alleviate the pain of the life-threatening condition they have, its too late anyway. People die like that. It is the legal way of hospitals to avoid treating someone until they have to, and then get out of it with minimum expense. At the cost of human life. Because shareholders need every bit of dividend they can get in any financial quarter, therefore no profits must be lost in treating someone who can’t pay…

Have you seen anyone counting any of these people as ‘having been killed by Capitalism’?


There you have your answer.

I’d put the number capitalism killed in the past century easily around ~100 million. And that’s proper term capitalism, not a misconception or misapplication of capitalism by mistaking it with something else – like how it falsely done for communism, socialism, or any other competing economic system.

Also that is by totally ignoring the colonial enterprises during 19th century, ranging from Belgian King Leopold’s murderous enterprise into Congo to ~200 year-reigning British East India Company’s affairs, where they created famines and then profited from them, to Dutch slave trading companies during Baroque era – all of these were properly capitalist companies with shareholders, management, accountants, executives and everything. A lot of the companies which participated in these affairs, the exploitation, profiting from deaths of people, suffering, misery, are still here today, a decent number of them with their names and wealth intact.

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