The origin of Communism

The origin of communism goes all the way back to French Revolution, to Babouvists.

a leading advocate for democracy, the abolition of private property and the equality of results

François-Noël Babeuf

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Babeuf was one of the first people who directly and precisely advocated many ideals which became foundations of Communism and other egalitarian ideologies later.

It’s not like these principles were not around before and during the French Revolution – they were, but a clear format and grouping of the common traits of what we would call left ideology and eventually Communism, Socialism etc, were not made yet.

Babeuf was the spearhead of the movement which pursued these ideals in a clear cut fashion.

They even tried to mount a revolution, but failed.

Conspiracy of the Equals

However, if you look at it more fundamentally and philosophically, Communism’s origin goes all the way back to inception of human civilization.

Using resources in a communal fashion, available to all within the social unit (village, tribe, clan) was the default format for all early human groups.

You could have territories belonging to different hunter-gatherer groups and there could be strife among them, but there wouldn’t be a case of a few ‘job creators’ hoarding all the water and berries in the region and the rest of the tribe scraping to get by. In such a situation any decent shock to such a societal unit (famine, sickness, whatever) would destroy entire unit for good.

So despite inequalities existed, the communal way of life was the means through which mankind succeeded in becoming a civilization despite being one of the weakest species on the planet.

To such an extent it was embedded in human society that many Scandinavian tribes which invaded late Roman Empire were still operating in that format to a great extent. A research into Nordic lifestyle in that period is quite illuminating.

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