The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Its the Nayirah Lie.

Nayirah (testimony)

Kuwaiti Government, A private US PR firm, and US government concocted a lie which said that Iraqi soldiers ‘took away 500 incubators from premature babies in a Kuwaiti Hospital and left them to die’.

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This was picked up by media, greatly drummed up, used to rile up the public for war.

A ‘Nayirah’ character, a woman supposedly from Kuwait, came and gave testimonies in US Houses, speaking about the atrocity, to much acclaim and stampede.

This created massive popular opinion to support First Iraq war, and today seen as the reason which first Bush administration was able to make it happen.

It later turned out that this Nayirah character was the daughter of Kuwaiti Ambassador to USA, Iraqi soldiers did not take any incubators from any Kuwaiti hospital, and they did not leave ‘babies to die’, and entire affair was concocted by the private US PR firm to create public opinion in US for war.


Lies about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq pale in comparison to this lie.

And in addition, it should make you think that if they staged an elaborate lie on something like this to propagate war, what other things they have lied about.

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