Centrist Liberals and Liberal Establishment need to win with Sanders to escape persecution

Trump being portrayed as Jesus - image via Twitter

The state of matters Just check out how things are going in US lately: Radical right wing has been going more extremist, and organizing and consolidating their power base. The above video is not an isolated incident or a far-off happening. In reality worse things are afoot: Evangelicals told Trump he was “chosen” by God. … Read more

Interests of Small Businesses and Big Businesses conflict

Walmart and your small business

(originally published at Via Populi on February 25, 2016) You have a small business. You are selling products and services to your area. You render good service. Business is good. People are happy. Except… Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are out) Why … Read more