The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Its the Nayirah Lie. Nayirah (testimony) Kuwaiti Government, A private US PR firm, and US government concocted a lie which said that Iraqi soldiers ‘took away 500 incubators from premature babies in a Kuwaiti Hospital and left them to die’. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when … Read more

Why is it dangerous that China is leading 5G

Well, China leading 5G is dangerous for the simple reason that Huawei does not implement backdoors in their hardware… Leave aside give access to Anglosphere intelligence agencies which are known as ‘Five Eyes’ – you know, the usual suspects – CIA, NSA, GHCQ etc. Spy back doors? That would be suicide, says Huawei Join My … Read more

Major “Free Market” Myths

Wall Street

In our modern capitalist economies, the establishment heavily advocates various concepts which validate the system as facts, along with many about the ‘Free Market’. Like, how things will ‘just’ happen ‘by themselves’. Or, the ‘market’ will ‘fix everything’. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new … Read more

Why is “Socialist” an evil world

Scary Red Socialism

Actually, the word socialist carries a negative connotation only in US political spectrum. There is no such hysteria in Eu or elsewhere in the world. Many major parties along with numerous parties in power in governments have the word socialist in their name, and claim to be adhering to socialist principles.  The word socialist carries … Read more

Was Cuba’s Socialism a success

Cubans in Africa

Well… If we consider the immense economic strangulation they have been subjected to by the illegal US (and naturally international) trade blockade, never ending CIA terrorist attacks against their mainland (not talking about Bay of Pigs), ever-impending threat of invasion, ceaseless attempts at overthrowing them from the inside (latest being State Dept’s Cuban twitter project … Read more

Modern examples of brainwashing

Just put your head in

How Wealth Corrupts Democracy – Conditioning & Indoctrination through Media & Education Institutions Imagine you are a kid, starting to understand what’s going on around you. What you see and hear around you, shape your world, your understanding and your character. In the end, it is what you know as ‘the world’. Look at television … Read more

Why are the leftist liberals silent on Communist genocides

Bengali Famine

Spectacular question. And it is possibly for the same reason why so many conservatives are silent on Capitalist genocides. King Leopold II was a capitalist, for example, when killing ~10 million congolese during his colonial enterprise. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are … Read more

Surprisingly, Venezuela Elections are more legitimate than US elections

Nicolas Maduro, Cilia Flores

(originally published at Via Populi on December 7, 2015) Again we have Venezuela elections, again we have another case of US state and corporate media already trying to smear elections in Venezuela with hatchet jobs claiming many things ranging from fraud to being anti democratic, just because it may have ended up with a result … Read more

Legend of Korra : Corporate Brutalization of a Legend


You may remember Avatar : The Last Airbender. No – not the half baked movie – the famous, popular american cartoon that has inspired and enchanted kids and grown ups alike. Avatar was exceptionally well written and well told as a story which was based on the struggle of good and evil among people in an enchanted, mystical … Read more