The Left And The Popular Movements In The West Fail To Succeed Because They Cant Create Communities – And The Liberals Even Worse

Community forum for Black America, photo by Tony Webster

And that’s why they fail against reactionary movements We are witnessing various Western countries — mainly Anglo-American ones — fall into reactionaryism. While there are sizable segments that speak against this societal collapse and regression, the reactionary movements seem to be more powerful, persistent, focused, and with momentum. Things being how they are, various countries will end up with … Read more

Centrist Liberals and Liberal Establishment need to win with Sanders to escape persecution

Trump being portrayed as Jesus - image via Twitter

The state of matters Just check out how things are going in US lately: Radical right wing has been going more extremist, and organizing and consolidating their power base. The above video is not an isolated incident or a far-off happening. In reality worse things are afoot: Evangelicals told Trump he was “chosen” by God. … Read more

Why Capitalism did not lift Africa, South America or other 3rd world countries out of poverty

It has been many decades since African countries have become independent and adopted the very Capitalist economic model of their former colonizers. They were supposed to prosper, raise their life standards, get out of 3rd world status. Even further, South American countries have been independent close to two centuries, and not only they exactly copied … Read more

How are Roman Empire and US alike, and the reasons for their fall

Decaying Empires

Past the historical fluff and grandeur, those who are interested in the lives of ordinary people, social dynamics, and the change of societies in history will easily notice uncanny similarities in between the state of societies of US and the Roman Empire before its fall. There is immense overlap in between the social dynamics caused … Read more

The biggest threat to society in the next decades

The ticking bomb of inequality

…is, Inequality: Inequality is created through Capitalism’s wealth concentration mechanic: Wealth is already concentrated quite a lot and the majority of the population doesn’t have enough disposable income to spend on purchasing goods or services.  Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are out) … Read more

Capitalism in US is as it was intended to be

Capitalism as intended

It’s not ‘bad capitalism’ or ‘corporatism’ or anything. It is exactly what was intended to be. Or, rather, going back to what it was intended to be… See, this is how it was, and how it was supposed to be all the way to today until Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and other meddlers came in with … Read more

Which has killed more people: communism or capitalism?

Bengali Famine

Aside from the fact that no one was let in peace so they could implement communism and all the countries which tried to go for communism were forced to stay in a State Capitalist + Social Welfare format, keep militarizing and stay in a state of pending war to defend themselves, one could easily say that capitalism did kill … Read more

Is Capitalism morally justifiable

Have a look below and think: Capitalism, in a nutshell. Those who defend it will try justifying the above picture by trying to claim that people on the left are an ‘exception‘, and the people on the right are ‘exceptional‘. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when … Read more

Are the Rich selfish

Only for the rich

First we need to define the ‘rich’. Though there is indeed a rising level of evil as you go towards the top, the level of evil at each level differs. There are 3 major classifications of ‘rich’: Upper Middle and Lower Upper class professionals, businessmen etc. These people think they are ‘rich’ – compared to the … Read more

Does Capitalism work only for those who have money

Only for the rich

But of course it does. It’s named after capital – Capital-ism, after all. Capitalism is the system in which capital is not restricted or capped. It can increase to an infinite size if it can, and also one single person can own all the capital in the world. Its unlimited in regard to concentration of wealth. … Read more