Why does Silicon Valley get a pass on inequality compared to Wall Street

Silicon Valley vs Wall Street

It’s not complicated… Let’s check out a few reasons: Silicon Valley still has upward mobility – 2 guys in a uni dorm can still make something and it may become big. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are out) Silicon Valley has a … Read more

Equality is vital for the future of human civilization

Discarded cellphones

To reach into the future, mankind must discard economic equality with the system that enforces it to sustain itself. There are no two ways about it. In a digitized, automated world which can render products and services to anyone on demand over automated, integrated and even AI-boasting networked technology which would encompass everything from factories … Read more

Why is “Socialist” an evil world

Scary Red Socialism

Actually, the word socialist carries a negative connotation only in US political spectrum. There is no such hysteria in Eu or elsewhere in the world. Many major parties along with numerous parties in power in governments have the word socialist in their name, and claim to be adhering to socialist principles.  The word socialist carries … Read more

What is Net Neutrality and Why is it important for a Free Internet – Simplified Version

Network Neutrality is vital to Internet

(originally published at Via Populi on February 27, 2015) Net Neutrality aka Network Neutrality, is the principle that bans ISPs from discriminating against any website, persona, traffic or content based on any reason. This means that your ISP, say Comcast, cannot favor Website A over Website B and let you access Website A faster while … Read more