Abolishing and recreating the police in US may be the only answer

US police. Or military?

When some advocate for abolishing the police in response to police brutality, discrimination or corruption, it sounds pretty extreme. For, there is indeed crime in our world, and there needs to be a way for the society to respond to crime. However… When looking into details of how policing works in US, and what results … Read more

How US pharma killed hundreds of thousands for profit – and didn’t even blink


You may not know that in the past decade, the 2nd biggest pharma company in the world, Glaxo Smith Klein, pushed a diabetes drug to the market knowing that it would kill many people, and even started trying to prevent any information about its dangers from coming out right from the moment they put the drug … Read more

Why do people consider Monsanto evil


People consider Monsanto as evil for a very simple reason: If Military-Industry complex, which pushes overseas wars for profit, irreverent of the immense cost of life and suffering abroad and bankruptcy of their own society, is evil, Monsanto is far worse. Monsanto seeks to push a ‘business model’ which involves proliferating GMO seeds which are … Read more