Corporate Tyranny

Corporate Tyranny

Corporate Tyranny is one or more private large shareholders totally dictating entire policy of a massive organization like corporation. There is no democratic mechanism, no participation, no kind of decision power in anyone else. Majority shareholder dictates entire policy ranging from what to produce, how, where to sell to who is hired and who is … Read more

Which has killed more people: communism or capitalism?

Bengali Famine

Aside from the fact that no one was let in peace so they could implement communism and all the countries which tried to go for communism were forced to stay in a State Capitalist + Social Welfare format, keep militarizing and stay in a state of pending war to defend themselves, one could easily say that capitalism did kill … Read more

There is no Democracy or Free Market in a Corporation

Hierarchy is all that there is

(originally published at Via Populi on January 10, 2016) That’s something that may be surprising for you, in case you didn’t receive business education or have not worked long enough in a mid-level position in a big corporation: There is no kind of democracy or free market in a corporation. Especially in mega corporations. Join … Read more