Power of Community Organizing – How to beat Corporate State Establishment

Grassroots organization works

(originally published at Via Populi on September 13, 2015) If you ever wondered how could the people possibly beat the rapacious power of Corporate stranglehold on modern societies, wonder no more: The answer is Grassroots Community Organizing. Grassroots Community Organizing is a sure way to change the tide for the people. The effect and power … Read more

The origin of Communism

Cooperation is in our genes

The origin of communism goes all the way back to French Revolution, to Babouvists. a leading advocate for democracy, the abolition of private property and the equality of results François-Noël Babeuf Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are out) Babeuf was one of … Read more