Potential reasons for potential Alien civilizations for not contacting us

We always assume that any alien civilization which may have the technology to reach Earth, would waste no time in contacting us. And most of the discourse on this topic follow from that assumption.

However, the reality is that it may not be so, and they may not have much interest in making their presence known, for a multitude of reasons:

Way too advanced than we are

And by that i don’t only mean that they are beyond destructive concepts like charging people to live in an socioeconomic system which has something called ‘profits’.

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I mean, an evolutionary level which is higher than our social, and especially spiritual development.

There is also the chance that they may be so much higher that concepts which we today see as ‘far out’ like telepathy, teleportation, passive sight etc are natural for them through technological means or through the machinations and nature of their physiology or psychology.

Which means that there could be civilizations who are able to ‘look into’ our reality without even having to actually travel here physically. Well, even CIA made passive sight experiments, didn’t they…

There is a chance that some of these planetary entities can even be beyond the level of technology or ‘paranormal’ capability – they may be beyond the perceived reality of our universe. The ‘future’ of mankind, which was basically looking back at ‘their past’ in the spectacular movie Interstellar, is a good example of that.

The extradimensional beings are folding the Tesseract” -> man, what a line to be uttered in a movie…

‘Preserving us’ / ‘Not Intervening’

Hell, we are doing this exact thing as of this very moment, with our half-assed civilization.

We are keeping various indigenous tribes across south america from contact with the external world, to protect their lifestyle and to protect them from harm of what we call ‘modern’ civilization.

Or, not intervening in our development, in the same fashion we are doing for these indigenous tribes, to let them advance their way of life and character themselves.

This is a corollary of the earlier concept – if we are doing this in our undeveloped state today, these advanced civilizations could have easily been doing it for eons. And not only for us, mind that.

Keeping us ‘at bay’

We are dangerous.

Look what we are doing to each other, what we are doing to the world.

We are very oppressive, exploitative, and destructive.

Imagine we take off this planet to start raping the planets in this solar system, or, through some twist of fate (through miraculous discoveries) other planets.

Which would easily mean that other civilizations which are just developing or are more peaceful than us, could need to be protected from our rapacious nature.

Specific conditions are required for initiating contact

This is also quite likely.

Its possible that there could be specific conditions which must be fulfilled, and specific awareness which must be achieved before a contact can be initiated.

Like not being destructive, rapacious, exploitative.

Or, being able to exist in harmony with other existing civilizations.

Or, a totally different criteria for consciousness level, awareness, psychological characteristics or even physiological standards.

Realize that we are still massacring weaker animals brutally and consuming their flesh.

Being unnecessary

This can easily be a nature of existence, a natural corollary of ever-advancing civilizations transcending the level of what we consider ‘paranormal’ today, with being able to see and look through space, time, without leaving their planet.

Contact could be utterly unnecessary.

You could be supposed to completely self-sufficient in your planet, coexist with its existence and nature in harmony, advancing at your own pace and achieving eventual breakthrough in the above realms of technological, physiological, and psychological or paranormal, and be able to reach out without physically leaving your planet and contact others through such supra-technological or extremely technologically advanced means.

In the end, this is a planet, if you are not able to even manage to harmoniously exist in one planet, how many planets will you need to make do…

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