Equality is vital for the future of human civilization

To reach into the future, mankind must discard economic equality with the system that enforces it to sustain itself.

There are no two ways about it.

In a digitized, automated world which can render products and services to anyone on demand over automated, integrated and even AI-boasting networked technology which would encompass everything from factories to your home refrigerator, you would have to spend specific effort to keep inequality present, leave aside justified.

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Scarcity is a 18th century tale even today. We are keeping many products scarce through legislation, market manipulation, collusion and other means. From diamonds being made scarce to millions tonnes of grain rotting in warehouses to keep the market grain price at desirable levels, we introduce scarcity into many items. We even make it illegal for people to just take over publicly owned land and build a house on them, to prevent housing markets from going haywire.

You may err in thinking that even though it may be so in many venues, it may be hard to provide things like advanced technological products to everyone.

You would be wrong. Take a second to behold the below picture:

These are discarded cell phones. A good majority of them are perfectly functional. They are discarded, because users must upgrade to slightly better models and cellphone corporations must make profit and satisfy their shareholders’ wealth aggregation desire by selling new items. The devices you see there are not only technological resources wasted, but there are tonnes of rare earth metals, gold and other supposedly ‘scarce’ resources lying inside them as well.

Situation is no different in any other device – from computers to refrigerators to TVs.

The current economic system of profit-making must propagate itself, and for that it must sell stuff which people don’t need while the stuff which already exists must be taken away from the system so that they won’t dilute the market and the prices.


We can provide cellphones, computers, refrigerators, food, even houses to everyone even today.

But we choose not to. Actually, not us, but the system chooses not to, because to keep itself going, this 18th century remnant philosophy we call Capitalism must enforce a certain format onto society to sustain itself.


“But what if Im smarter, more talented, more capable than others!??!”

If you are, then you can use the tools, amenities, resources provided to everyone much better than others, and accomplish many more things. You can mobilize other people, organize them, and accomplish even greater things. You can use interchangeable, DIY technologies to create even more amazing devices, amenities, services and methodology.

With the little dosage of equality we have here on Internet, people created an amazing world which creates and expands itself, and it is creating wonders every other day – and most of the momentum comes from citizen-creators. We could have that in every field of life and economy. You could be cooperating, syndicating with millions of people and breaking new frontiers in the horizons of human civilization.

In contrast, today, most your effort and lifetime is being spent on living on somewhat better standards than others in a hierarchically controlled system facilitated by inequality. You are very possibly working on a corporate project, which is probably trying to push more unnecessary products to a segment of the population while creating the above mentioned waste, so that majority shareholders who are going to hoard the ensuing profits without that wealth doing any good to humanity can hoard even more.

It doesn’t have to be like this. In a more equal world with almost perfect equality, you could be participating in a syndicated, massive citizen project which was envisioning to set up the first human colony on mars in 5 to 10 years.

And if you’d wonder, why is it mandatory for future – the answer is quite simple

Human Civilization can’t sustain itself like this, with immense inequality, so much waste, and increasingly authoritarian, aristocratic socioeconomic system required to maintain it.

Name your pick from the ‘end of the world as we know it’ scenarios – from a limited or full scale nuclear war which would ensue from the attempts at the privileged ruling minority to redirect attention to ‘outside enemies’ to prevent socioeconomic inequality and ensuing suffering at home from being addressed, to the civilization ending up irrevocably poisoning, destroying or crippling the ecosystem and opening up a whole can of worms which would end it – with resource wars being the least of the worries.

Thus, things must change…

A more egalitarian, a more democratic, waste-free system must be adopted. Citizens must have a say in economy directly and in egalitarian fashion, instead of a minority class of extremely-wealthy calling the shots and charting the course of the world for the worse. No potential Einstein must be lost in poverty, unknown, somewhere in 3rd world or in unspoken slums of 1st world. No self-educated, visionary individual should have to pander to the whims of a tiny minority of capital-holders to be able to realize his/her vision.

Economy should be for the people. Not for the sake of itself, aggregating ever-increasing numbers pointing to imaginary, inflated wealth inside fast-trading computer systems in stock markets, doing nothing noteworthy other than consolidating itself.

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