How US pharma killed hundreds of thousands for profit – and didn’t even blink


You may not know that in the past decade, the 2nd biggest pharma company in the world, Glaxo Smith Klein, pushed a diabetes drug to the market knowing that it would kill many people, and even started trying to prevent any information about its dangers from coming out right from the moment they put the drug … Read more

What happens to Socialist Presidents who refuse US access to their economic resources

Free Freedom coming your way

Assume for a second you are the president of a Socialist country and you refuse US access to your economic resources. Try to imagine what will happen next. Or don’t… Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when a new posts are out) Every single time, the same … Read more

Corporate Tyranny

Corporate Tyranny

Corporate Tyranny is one or more private large shareholders totally dictating entire policy of a massive organization like corporation. There is no democratic mechanism, no participation, no kind of decision power in anyone else. Majority shareholder dictates entire policy ranging from what to produce, how, where to sell to who is hired and who is … Read more

Why did USSR stagnate and collapse when it was prosperous in 1960s


“We choose to go to the Moon! …We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard” – John F Kennedy What Kennedy was not including in his list of things to do in his famous speech, was that he was starting an arms … Read more

Capitalism in US is as it was intended to be

Capitalism as intended

It’s not ‘bad capitalism’ or ‘corporatism’ or anything. It is exactly what was intended to be. Or, rather, going back to what it was intended to be… See, this is how it was, and how it was supposed to be all the way to today until Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and other meddlers came in with … Read more

Was Cuba’s Socialism a success

Cubans in Africa

Well… If we consider the immense economic strangulation they have been subjected to by the illegal US (and naturally international) trade blockade, never ending CIA terrorist attacks against their mainland (not talking about Bay of Pigs), ever-impending threat of invasion, ceaseless attempts at overthrowing them from the inside (latest being State Dept’s Cuban twitter project … Read more

Is Capitalism morally justifiable

Have a look below and think: Capitalism, in a nutshell. Those who defend it will try justifying the above picture by trying to claim that people on the left are an ‘exception‘, and the people on the right are ‘exceptional‘. Join My Mailing List Here: Ozgur Zeren’s Mailing List (you will also get updates when … Read more

Are the Rich selfish

Only for the rich

First we need to define the ‘rich’. Though there is indeed a rising level of evil as you go towards the top, the level of evil at each level differs. There are 3 major classifications of ‘rich’: Upper Middle and Lower Upper class professionals, businessmen etc. These people think they are ‘rich’ – compared to the … Read more

Walmart as modern slavery

Walmart as slavery

Wage Slavery, to be precise. Wage slavery In Wage Slavery, due to conditions inflicted on the market through any means, a certain segment of the society have to work hand to mouth with little to none prospect of a better future. Almost always, under deplorable conditions for long hours without acceptable protections in regard to … Read more

Does Capitalism work only for those who have money

Only for the rich

But of course it does. It’s named after capital – Capital-ism, after all. Capitalism is the system in which capital is not restricted or capped. It can increase to an infinite size if it can, and also one single person can own all the capital in the world. Its unlimited in regard to concentration of wealth. … Read more