All US Needed To Beat Russia Was To Wait 10 Years…

In 10 years, the last cadre of statesmen, military personnel, and bureaucrats who were educated up in the last period of the Soviet Union would have either passed away or become too old to get involved in anything.

Meanwhile, an entire generation who neither knew the Soviet Union nor the difficult Yeltsin years would have grown in an atmosphere that was pretty integrated with the West.

Growing up in a Western-influenced atmosphere with Western influence from the Internet, media, international interactions, traveling, and so on would have created a generation of voters and state officials who would be pretty in sync with existing Western culture and setup.

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Whereas ever-increasing business and economic links between the West and Russia would have tied Russia strongly to the West, despite the current administration’s efforts for securing independence. Towards later parts of a 10-year duration, in a non-hostile environment, it would be hard to justify initiatives for independent economy and technology, and the desire would be towards greater integration.

And just by waiting, the US would have won against Russia, permanently integrating into its larger international satellite system. Or, at least, neutralizing its threat.

But No…

The sociopaths who were behind all the wars since Iraq couldn’t wait…


These religious extremists who believe that they are on a god-given mission to take the world under American domination because it is ‘America’s destiny’, had to not only murder millions of people across the entire world from Iraq to Syria to Somalia to South America via sanctions, bombs, invasions, clandestine warfare, and terrorism, but also they had to push actual thermonuclear war by taking increasingly hostile acts against Russia and China.

And they have absolutely no qualms in using whatever method and whatever sociopath they can utilize in their religious delirium.

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine

These dangerous extremists who have been infesting the American establishment and who are poisoning its foreign policy for 50 years think that rules don’t apply to them and they are backed by divine grace in their fulfillment of their sociopathic mission. Hence, the willingness to risk nuclear war, the willingness to risk the destruction of human civilization, and even the very things they themselves care for.

So they brought everything to this dangerous point and effected what amounts to an actual war against Russia and Russian people, treating them just like the defenseless masses in the Middle East or South America, trying to starve them into rebelling against their government to overthrow it.

Because, in a sociopath’s mind, it works that way – you torture people until you get them to do what you want.

Except, The Arrogance Backfired This Time

In their arrogance, they overplayed their hand by trying to strangle Russia while it is still a nuclear superpower.

Moreover, it still retains the capable statesmen, military cadres, officials educated in the last stretch of the Soviet period. They lived through Cold War, they lived through Afghanistan, the fall of the Soviet Union, and all the lessons they taught.

With the attack that the US has mounted against Russia, all the warnings which this existing Russian administration has been transmitting to its citizens about how what ‘The West’ – the US – actually wanted was to destroy Russia and Russian people and put them into insufferable subservience turned out to be true.

‘The West’, the US and its satellites in Europe and the rest of the world did not only put nuclear missiles at Russia’s border and foster Nazis there.

They also sanctioned Russia by openly declaring that they want to destroy the Russian economy.

They affected sanctions designed to starve the Russian people.

They shut them out from Internet services.

They tried to shut them out from global trade.

They wanted to crush them like how they crush defenseless small countries and their people.

In front of the eyes of the entire Russian people. Openly declaring war on them. Saying they want to starve them. Denigrating them with the ‘Mongol’ label and other insulting comparisons.

Undeniably demonstrating that they saw them as lesser beings who can be crushed and manipulated at will, thinking that they were passive and defenseless.

And we have the Internet today.

All the Russians are seeing what ‘the West’ thinks about them. What it wants to do to them. How there is no way to get along with ‘the West’.

This will turn all the current generations in Russia against the West permanently.

Only a small percentage of the well-to-do population who are too integrated with the ‘Western culture’ could avoid current events changing their perspective. Even for them, it is questionable – they were supposedly from ‘the West’, but apparently, they were ‘mongols’ after all…

This Will Have Profound Effects

The ruling party is now vindicated.

All its predictions and warnings turned out to be true.

All the preparation it was doing to make Russia independent and turn its direction towards Asia and the Global South turned out to be well-placed.

So much that the hostility of the West coincided with a point in which even the new Chinese SWIFT alternative was ready, with a lot of Russian banks and businesses switching to it per preparations made beforehand.

The last few years’ hard work for integrating its economy with Asia, Global South, import-substitution, independent Internet, even securing its software infrastructure paid off.

Now not only everyone in Russia is seeing that, but also the rest of the world – Russia, together with China, was able to create an alternative to the Anglo-American-dominated Western system. Now all countries have an alternative.

Russian people see not only their government being vindicated, it being successful in its quest to become self-sufficient, but also its success in creating an alternative for the rest of the world. This is something unparalleled, something which even USSR was not able to fully accomplish.

Faced with the villainous, racist, hypocritical hostility coming from ‘the West’ towards their own identity and existence, seeing themselves safe with a competent government that has a route charted, this will strengthen Russian people’s consciousness and make them align with the route that was charted by their now-vindicated establishment.

Now the funniest thing…

Even The Russian Billionaires (Oligarchs) Abroad Are On The Same Boat

They had immense assets in the West. Many were living in the West. They thought that they were integrated, or at least accepted into the Western ‘system’ and its culture. They were living comfortably and safely, they thought.

But it turns out that they were ‘mongols’ and their wealth could just be confiscated, leaving them out to dry.

If not worse – some even talk about jailing them.

Now they see that they were never accepted and they were resented and hated behind a thin veil of civility with a burning hatred whose fire is fueled by racism.

They were not safe where they thought they were safe. At all.

Now they may easily think that ‘the Motherland’ would be safer. If they could come to an understanding with the existing administration on their differences – if they had any, that is.

So the petty Anglo-American attack against the entire Russian people will likely even turn the ‘integrated’ oligarchs against ‘the West’.

But The Biggest Damage Is Being Done To America’s Empire

It had an uncontested monopoly in everything – from finance to technology to the Internet.

Everyone had to go through the US and its firms.

Now, with the warfare mounted against Russian financial organizations, technology companies will lose their monopoly. Russian drive to be self-sufficient will not only replace the products of its satellites like European wine and cheese, but also the technology companies like Apple and Google who literally demonstrated themselves to be an accessory of the American establishment instead of the neutral, all-embracing, future-oriented organizations that would create a new paradigm for mankind.

This will not only reduce their market share and most importantly fracture tech ecosystems that are very important for tech companies, but it will also fuel the rise of alternatives, forever ending the domination of these companies on the world stage unless they find a way to get out of the conundrum which their establishment put themselves into and keep their Russian users and the users from countries which will be inspired by Russia’s example.

Considering how the US declared war against Russia by confiscating Russian state and private assets, especially its central bank’s reserves, Russia can just drop its self-inflicted obligation to abide by the Anglo-American financial system and invalidate US-owned patents. This would liberate Russia and allow it to utilize these technologies. While at the same time retaliating to sanctions.

And European satellites are done for – Russia was a major market for them and the incremental sanctions that the US forced on Europe against Russia had been killing their business little by little. Now they will be totally replaced.

The damage will not be limited to having to buy expensive American gas and oil instead of cheap Russian gas and oil. It will spread out to all sectors.

But one of the most foolish ways in which the US shot itself in the foot was literally ending the reserve foreign currency status of the dollar.

Dollar No More

With Russia moving to CIPS from SWIFT, now those who want to buy Russian oil and gas have to pay in Chinese RMB instead of dollars.

The alternative Russian system that is almost ready also accepts Euros. So, the US will lose its uncontested reserve foreign currency status, bumping up Chinese RMB and Euro.

This won’t be too beneficial to Europe, whose export markets are killed and its industry’s expenses are bumped sky high due to having to buy expensive American gas and oil. When Euro appreciates in value, it will be more difficult for Eu to export.

Dollar losing its reserve currency strength means that it will likely devalue, making it very difficult for the US to cope with military expenses – unless it can fleece Europe for money.

There You Go…

With their religious extremist mentality and sociopathic greed, those who plague the American establishment created a situation contrary to what they wanted.

Instead of destroying Russia and ‘making an example of it’, they created an alternative to the system they themselves dominate. A crazy, self-damaging act however you look at it.

Now countries can freely choose their alignment, without having to bow down to anyone and having to let themselves get exploited.

Relationships of equals can be formed, instead of relationships of master and servants.

In their religious delirium, those who infest the American establishment may have done the biggest good to the world and gave it what it sorely needed:

A Multi-polar World.

5 thoughts on “All US Needed To Beat Russia Was To Wait 10 Years…”

  1. Good job, Ozgur! Of course, the villains couldn’t wait 10 years because the American economy would implode before then if the military industrial complex did not get a boost in the arm from another war.

    • Precisely. This fervent effort by the US establishment to create one regional war after another is more for warding off the pending US economic collapse than anything else.

  2. Great article; thank you…
    I have a question: İsn’t there an option that via this war Putin will be taken down and a new leader with western origin will rise and reposition Russia against China together with west?
    All the best…

    • Vladimir Putin is the frontman of the ex-Soviet, current Russian establishment that pushed out US-satellite oligarchs. If Putin goes away, another from among their ranks will take his place. And the most likely successors are far tougher on the West than Vladimir Putin. The Russian establishment knows that Russia’s interests align with China not only in respect to their common prosperity but also in respect to their common enemy, the US. So no repositioning would happen in any case.


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